The Benefits of Energy Deregulation in New Hampshire

The deregulation of energy in New Hampshire severed the rope tying businesses to one particular supplier of electricity and natural gas. This worked to benefit those businesses because the increase in competition drove the price of energy down. At the same time, it made the procurement process more complicated and time consuming precisely because there were so many new options from which to choose. Additionally, the market has become less stable as a result, contributing to the difficulty of selecting a provider when prices are in flux almost constantly.

So how can building owners and property managers navigate the new world of deregulated energy? More specifically, how can your building take advantage of deregulation in order to avoid those 34% increases on your electricity bill?

Stanley Energy has your answer. As leading New England energy consultants, our team covers every aspect of procurement, from the initial sourcing and contract negotiation to continual monitoring of the market to ensure you’re always getting the best prices. And we won’t stop there; we’ll even monitor and track your building’s overall energy usage to reduce costs even further.

We are dedicated to helping you receive the greatest value possible for the energy you buy and the energy you use.

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