Innovative Energy Monitoring Systems

Robust energy management systems are a must-have in this volatile market, as price fluctuations often occur several times a day. Depending on factors like peak usage times, the hours during which the energy is used, the energy supplier, and the overall efficiency of your systems, your building may be using more energy than is necessary for it to run.

Stanley Energy can help you find out.

We use flexible energy audit software to thoroughly assess your building’s usage patterns, giving us greater visibility into where we can cut usage and cost. Whether we’re focusing on hotel energy consumption or manufacturing plant usage or any other type of building energy consumption, our multi-level approach can save you as much as 30% in energy expenditures. But we’re never satisfied. We’ll strive to discover new ways to save you money, increasing your ROI year after year.

Are You Ready To Experience A Drastic Cut In Energy Usage?

Our energy monitoring systems have the flexibility and ease-of-use building owners and property managers in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, and Vermont need to drive down energy usage and save money. Call us at (603) 689-7083 for a free consultation.