Solutions for University and College Energy Management

Stanley’s university and college energy management services can help educational buildings in the New England area drastically reduce usage by procuring, tracking, and controlling electricity and natural gas consumption. Continual improvement is our goal. We want to make sure your savings not only persist, but also grow over time.

Energy expenditures in educational buildings are the third highest of all commercial building types, at approximately $7.1 billion per year, even though they operate for less hours a day. Many of these costs can be cut by reprogramming heating and cooling functionalities, for example, or retrofitting buildings with motion sensor lighting systems. And with costs rising every day, now is the perfect time to get started on a plan to reduce your consumption.

Stanley Energy has a unique plan to meet your buildings’ needs.

Among the educational facilities we serve:

  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Public schools
  • Private schools

Seeing a 34% increase in your electricity bill?

Many schools are. You need a flexible plan to lower the costs of both natural gas and electricity. Whether you live in a deregulated state or not, our energy management strategies and expertise can save you money.

If Your Educational Facility Is Ready To Pay Less For Energy, Call Us Today!

Our university and college energy management experts help schools reduce energy costs in the New England area, including deregulated states like Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, and even though Vermont is not a deregulated state, we can help you there, too. Call Stanley Energy at (603) 689-7083 for a free consultation today.