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Our energy consulting services based out of New England are just what you need to reduce the amount of energy your building. We specialize in hotel energy management, commercial property, manufacturing plants and any other type of industrial building. And with the cost of electricity supply rising as much as 34%, there is no better time than the present to talk to us.

Stanley Energy’s expert consultants can help reduce the costs of running a building.

  • Energy Bill Auditing: Thoroughly auditing your past bills can target all the areas that need to be addressed to minimize energy use and maximize savings.
  • Energy Assessment: Accurately assessing how and when your building uses energy can pinpoint exactly where changes need to be made.
  • Retrofitting for Energy Efficiency: Updating energy usage systems not only improves building performance, but may even provide a tax credit.

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Our energy consulting experts have helped building owners, property managers, and facilities owners use less energy and save money in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and the New England area. Call Stanley Energy for a free consultation today at (603) 689-7083, and let us help you.