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Choosing energy procurement methods in the current financial landscape can be a challenge. National Grid estimates that energy expenditures make up approximately 19% of a typical office building’s cost. Manufacturing facilities, university buildings, and hospitals can spend even more than that. You need a company that can help you reduce energy usage and pay less for the energy you use.

Stanley Energy, based out of New England, is that company.

Using a strategic, multi-faceted approach, we can decrease your building’s monthly energy costs by 25% to 35%. We are energy procurement experts, experienced in every aspect of the process, including:

We represent you, not the supplier. In partnership with our network of energy suppliers, our consultants assist clients through every stage of the procurement process, including:

  • Analysis of existing electricity and/or natural gas accounts and supplier contracts.
  • Solicitation of supply offers from qualified, competing electricity and/or natural gas suppliers.
  • Vetting of suppliers and negotiation for the best price, terms, and conditions.
  • Handling of paperwork and management of the transition to the new supplier.
  • Ongoing management of client accounts to ensure optimum performance and supplier service.
  • Monitoring of energy markets for additional opportunities and continued due diligence of suppliers.

If You’re Ready To Use Less and Save More, Call Us Today!

Our energy procurement experts have helped building owners, property managers, and facilities owners use less energy and save money through utility deregulation in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and the New England area. Call Stanley Energy for a free consultation today at (603) 689-7083, and let us help you.