Solutions for Data Center Energy Management

Stanley’s data center energy management services can help facilities in the New England area drastically reduce usage by procuring, tracking, and controlling electricity and natural gas consumption. Continual improvement is our goal. We want to make sure your savings not only persist, but also grow over time.

In this age when the world turns via the Internet, smart phones, tablets, and other devices, massive consumers of energy, data centers are massive consumers of energy. The New York Times reports that of all the electricity data centers use, 90% or more can be waste. Considering a single data center uses more power than a medium-sized town, that’s an awful lot of wasted energy.

Stanley Energy has a unique plan to meet your data center’s needs.

Many businesses are seeing a 34% increase on their annual utility bills. You need a flexible plan to lower the costs of both natural gas and electricity. Whether you operate in a deregulated state like New Hampshire or Massachusetts, or a regulated state like Vermont, Stanley Energy has a plan to increase your data center’s energy efficiency.

If Your Business Is Ready To Consume Less Energy, And Pay Less For It, Call Us Today!

Our data center energy management experts help reduce energy costs in the New England area, including deregulated states like Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, and even though Vermont is not a deregulated state, we can help you there, too. Call Stanley Energy at (603) 689-7083 for a free consultation today.