Successful Energy Management Strategies

No two energy management strategies are alike. Your business’s plan will depend on the type of building, the hours of operation, which systems need to run twenty-four hours a day, and a hundred other factors. An office building will require a different plan than that for hotel energy savings, which will be different than a police or fire dispatch station where systems must be online and optimized every moment of every day.

No matter your building, no matter your business, Stanley Energy can create a plan that will reduce usage and save you money.

Our plan for you will begin with a thorough assessment of your building’s energy usage, and a comprehensive audit of past utility bills. If you operate in a state where energy has been deregulated, such as New Hampshire or Massachusetts, we may even consider sourcing from a new provider. And this is only a fraction of what we can do to save you money.

Learn More About Our Management Plans. We Have One That Is Right For You!

Our energy management strategies are proven to be effective, cutting energy expenditures by as much as 30%. If you’re a building or business owner, property or facility manager, and you’re ready to reduce energy costs and save money, call Stanley Energy today at (603) 689-7083 for a free consultation. Serving Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and the New England area. Let us help you Procure, Manage, and Control. More.