New England Energy Management Control Systems

An effective energy management control system (EMCS) for any building in New England must be robust and automated, simple enough to use and understand, so you won’t have to waste time managing your business’s energy. Interested in electricity optimization? We can do that. Hotel energy optimization? We can do that too. No matter your building or business, we have a system that can take care of you.

Our building management system offers low-cost, low-risk technologies and processes to identify, measure, and maintain energy savings in your buildings that will support your long-term sustainability and cost-savings goals. The system will track and monitor usage, collect periodic trend data, and automatically analyze the data to identify energy savings measures (ESMs). Our expert analysts will use the knowledge they have acquired about your building to create a complete list of measures to help you save money.

The Capabilities of Our EMCS Include, but Are Not Limited To:

  • Whole building energy profile and usage
  • Equipment energy usage
  • Load aggregation

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Our energy management control system can optimize building performance in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont, and save owners and property managers money. Call us at (603) 689-7083 today for a free consultation.