Innovative Hotel Energy Optimization Technology

Hotel energy optimization, as with any other commercial or industrial building, is never a wasted expense. A typical New England hotel can spend over $1 million annually in electricity, heating, and air conditioning expenditures, approximately $2,000 per room.

Stanley Energy can cut your hotel’s energy costs by as much as 45%.

National Grid reports that nearly 60% of a hotel’s energy usage comes in the form of lighting, space heating, and water heating. Oftentimes, especially during those long New England winters, unoccupied rooms are heated far more than necessary, and for extended periods of time, simply because the rooms must be monitored and adjusted manually. Stanley Energy has your solution. Using innovative technology that our team will install in your building, managers and owners will be able to easily monitor and adjust hotel room energy control from a central, computerized system. Recovery times can be automated so that rooms heat or cool a predetermined amount of time before a guest arrives or after the guest leaves. And that’s just a fraction of what this robust system can do.

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Hotel energy optimization is a specialty of ours. We can install systems in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut and all of New England area hotels to ensure your building achieves maximum savings without sacrificing guest comfort. Call 603.689.7083 today to discover just how drastically Stanley Energy can cut your annual energy expenditures.