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Accurate energy reporting is a crucial step in managing your building’s consumption levels. Managing your building’s consumption levels is vital to increasing energy efficiency. Increasing efficiency, in the long run, saves you money. But we understand that you, as a building owner or property manager, are too busy to get involved with the details.

That’s why Stanley Energy, serving the New England area, is your energy management company.

We offer Software as a Service (SaaS), a hosted solution with hardware gateways installed in customer buildings. These gateways gather energy usage “interval data” every fifteen minutes, and then send detailed usage information back to the data center. You’ll receive Daily Scorecards that show energy usage, costs savings from deregulated supply, load profiles, potential peak demand days, and ROIs for energy initiatives.

This is only a fraction of what our energy efficiency software can do. Contact us today to find out what else we can do for you.

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Our energy reporting services can help building owners, property managers, and facility owners increase energy efficiency in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and the New England area. Call us at (603) 689-7083 for a free consultation.