Data Center Energy Efficiency

Data center energy efficiency is of growing importance as the world of online technology expands. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that a data center can consume up to 100 times more energy than a typical office building. This can result in astronomical utility costs, costs that are already rising and expected to continue over time.

Stanley Energy can help drive those costs down now.

As technology advances, energy requirement increase. Computer servers, A/C units, and UPS systems, for example, are all energy intensive equipment that is integral to a business’s success. These days, businesses actively monitor energy consumption in these departments for energy allocation to ensure that their data is secure and systems remain functional. At Stanley Energy, we utilize innovative technologies in conjunction with robust computer software to drastically reduce the usage, and thus the cost, of energy in businesses. With such savings in our other clients’ buildings as a benchmark, the cost reduction we could implement in a standard data center would be astonishing.

Reduce Energy. Cut Costs. Save Money. It’s Really That Simple.

Our tried and true data center energy efficiency techniques ensure optimum performance at the lowest possible cost. We operate out of New England, serving Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Call us at 603.689.7083 today for a free consultation.