Let Energy Deregulation in Connecticut Work for You

In 1998, energy deregulation became a reality in Connecticut. This allowed consumers to choose their power supplier, rather than remain tied to one of the two statewide companies. While the change offers great opportunity for business owners and property managers, it can be overwhelming to choose among the many providers that have recently entered this widening market.

Partnering with an energy procurement company like Stanley Energy can make it easy. In this volatile landscape of fluctuating prices, the market requires constant, eagle-eye attention, and experience negotiating supplier contracts. Our team knows the important questions to ask, and the answers to look for. We seek out the Competitive Transition Charges, the penalties for over or under usage, the hidden charges, and early termination fees so you don’t have to. In short, we represent the buyer, not the supplier.

But our services don’t end there. With our innovative energy management software, monitoring and tracking devices, we’ll identify areas of waste and savings measures to increase your annual ROIs, and help your building comply with benchmarking laws and regulations.

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Buildings and facilities in Connecticut can take advantage of energy deregulation laws by calling 603.630.2965 for a free consultation. Stanley Energy is based out of New Hampshire, but serves all deregulated states in New England, and we are dedicated to helping you procure, manage, and control. More.