How Energy Deregulation in Maine Helps Buildings

Energy deregulation in Maine came about after the state experienced a widespread increase in service options, and lower prices as a result, in other deregulated industries. In commercial facilities such as industrial and manufacturing plants, the same economic principles have held true; with greater competition comes an overall reduction in cost.

But as the energy market grows, as more and more options become available, how can busy property owners and building managers find the time to focus on finding the right provider?

That’s where Stanley Energy comes in.

With businesses regularly seeing a steep increase in utility costs, sometimes as high as 34%, there is no better time than now to partner with an energy procurement company. Through consistent market study, and experience working from both the supply and demand sides, our team has the expertise needed to determine the provider—and navigate the contract—that is just right for your building.

The difference between Stanley Energy and some of the other procurement companies is that we work for you, not the supplier. And we continue working for you, monitoring and tracking usage to reduce waste and optimize your operations, long after your new energy supply has been implemented.

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Industrial and commercial facilities in Maine have an opportunity to greatly reduce the cost of utilities thanks to the energy deregulation initiative. Stanley Energy, serving the state as well as the entire New England area, can help make it happen. Call 603.689.7083 for a free consultation.