New Hampshire Energy Analysis

An energy analysis for New Hampshire buildings not only allows property managers and owners reduce energy waste, but it also helps in other, unexpected ways. The Institute for Energy Research reports that regulations limiting emissions result in dramatically higher prices of fuel, so optimizing your building’s performance can offset the cost of such regulations.

Additionally, many facilities across New England, including New Hampshire, have seen their electricity bills climb annually, sometimes as much as 34%. With an increased demand for natural gas, as well, costs are rising across the board.

How can a building analysis help?

Using innovative technologies combined with our business intelligence, Stanley Energy begins by benchmarking your building against itself. That is, we ascertain exactly how much energy is being used, and then we determine how much energy the building needs to use. More often than not, usage far outweighs the facility’s demands, leaving plenty of room to reduce waste and implement energy savings measures.

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New Hampshire buildings can benefit from a thorough energy analysis and the expertise of Stanley Energy. We won’t stop with initial energy savings; our focus is on continual improvement, identifying new and creative ways to reduce your utility bills year after year. Call 603.689.7083 today for a free consultation.