Why An Energy Analysis For Your Maine Building?

An energy analysis for your Maine facility is the first step on a path to increasing efficiency and decreasing utility expenses. During the long, sometimes brutal winters, it is essential to have appropriate heating levels in commercial buildings, especially hospitals, nursing homes, and even manufacturing plants that operate twenty-four hours a day.

But with a higher demand for energy comes a greater opportunity for waste, which not only forces property managers and building owners to spend more for energy than they should; it also leaves a deeper environmental imprint.

An initiative by Environment Maine seeks to reduce energy consumption 34% by 2030. This will result in a reduction of pollution equal to removing 600,000 vehicles from the streets. With states like Massachusetts instating benchmark laws that require buildings to track and report their carbon emissions, and Maine likely to follow in the near future, Stanley Energy’s analysis can put your facility on track to save money and help save the environment.

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