Building Energy Analysis in Connecticut

Building energy analysis for Connecticut facilities is a specialty of ours, regularly leading to a 20% reduction in the usage of electricity. Developed in partnership with the US Department of Energy, the technology we employ creates a snapshot of your building so that we may identify energy savings measures and target waste.

The CT Mirror reports that approximately $400 million of unnecessary power is purchased every year, so energy waste is an easy target on the road to making buildings more efficient. The first step, even before considering procurement from a different source, is to implement a full-scale building analysis to see precisely how much energy is being wasted, and where it is being wasted.

This is where we excel. With years of experience studying buildings and how they function on all levels, we routinely initiate a 20% reduction in usage through our energy analysis alone. And that is only the beginning. Implementing further technologies and continually striving to discover new ways to cut energy usage, we are dedicated to increasing your ROI year after year.

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