How Utility Deregulation Can Work For You

Utility deregulation, also known as energy deregulation, is quickly becoming standard practice as more and more states open the energy market so that businesses are no longer tied to one specific provider. This process introduces competition into the market by giving consumers the opportunity to price shop, thus driving down overall costs of energy.

The team at Stanley Energy has the experience and expertise businesses need to choose the right supplier. From sourcing and procurement to contract negotiation and daily monitoring, we can ensure the cheapest utility rates for your facility.

How exactly does deregulation save you money?

Imagine you are the property manager of a 200,000 square foot office building that pays $2 per square foot in energy. A simple 10% reduction in energy costs via deregulation translates into $40,000 in additional net operating income. If the asset’s capitalization rate is 8%, this newfound net operating income translates into $500,000 in increased asset value. If the capitalization rate is 5%, that is $800,000 in increased asset value.

The savings pay off immediately, as soon as the energy is procured through the new supplier.

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