Using Energy Management Software to Reduce Cost

Quality energy management software is becoming a highly sought after solution for building owners and property managers looking to reduce usage and, ultimately, cost. And with global energy consumption expected to grow approximately 33% between now and 2035, there is no better time than the present to start reducing costs.

The Annual Energy Outlook 2012, presented by the US Energy Information Administration, suggests that the future of commercial energy usage—and its decline—depends on technology. Architects are changing the way they build. Thanks to deregulation, building owners and property managers are choosing the cheapest energy providers. Everyone is paying more attention carbon emissions.

What does this mean for you?

A sweeping approach is needed to cut energy usage and save money. You need to know how much energy your building is using, how much energy it requires, and what precisely you can do to improve productivity and lower costs.

How can Stanley Energy help?

We use advanced energy analytics tools developed in cooperation with the US Department of Energy, designed to attack energy waste in commercial buildings. These softwares are focused on delivering you savings of 10% to 20% with little or no capital investment and form an ideal foundation to support and accelerate all your energy and sustainability initiatives.

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