Increase Sustainability With Energy Efficient Classrooms

The balance between energy efficient classrooms and student comfort can be tricky to maintain. Saving money is important; University Business reports that the higher education sector spends almost $10 billion a year on energy. Classroom comfort, however, is equally—if not more so—important, which only increases the need for classroom energy management systems. Students need a comfortable environment in order to study and learn at their optimum capabilities. How can university property managers increase classroom efficiency without sacrificing student comfort?

Stanley Energy will show you the way.

Utilizing robust technologies developed specifically to address this demand, our solutions can reduce energy consumption and equipment runtime in dormitories or unoccupied classrooms by as much as 45%. An automated system rotates HVAC unit loads, and decreases overall usage without impacting temperature or comfort levels when rooms are occupied.

Not only does such technology ensure student comfort and drive down the cost of utilities, it also increases the sustainability of your building by not allowing sudden fluctuating temperatures to cause expensive property damage. Systems can be pre-programmed to ensure a recovery period that balances student comfort while maximizing energy savings. Motion sensors and infrared detectors also keep the system informed of occupancy throughout the day and night.

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Energy efficient classrooms are a growing priority in today’s eco-friendly world. Stanley Energy can help increase efficiency and reduce waste in classrooms, dormitories, and university properties across the country. Call 603.689.7083 today, or fill out the contact form to the right, for a free consultation.