New England’s Independent Energy Consultants

A team of independent energy consultants can work wonders for any company looking to increase its bottom line. At Stanley Energy, we understand that, as a business, your focus is on your customers, your clients, and how you can solve their problems. Our approach is the same.

While you focus on your clientele’s needs, we’ll focus on managing your building’s energy usage.

With our knowledge of the commercial market, we have every aspect of energy management covered, and we have every industry covered, too. After a thorough audit of your past utility bills and your building’s current usages, we can begin to develop a plan to increase operating efficiency, reduce energy waste, and identify cost savings with a long-term goal of seeing those savings increase year after year. Every business is unique; every building is unique. Let Stanley Energy develop a unique plan for you, specifically designed to make the most of your energy.

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As independent energy consultants, we have expertise in procurement, tracking, monitoring, benchmarking, and every other area of energy management. Our services reduce usage and increase savings in hotels, factories, hospitals, and government facilities, among many other types of buildings in Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts. Call 603.689.7083 today to procure, manage, and control. More.