HVAC Energy Savings – One Step On A Yellow Brick Road

Increasing HVAC energy savings is a valuable step on the road to reducing overall building energy usage and annual expenditures. The US Small Business Administration reports that HVAC systems account for approximately 40% of electricity used in commercial buildings, and with office buildings, for example, spending nearly $19 million a year in electricity, the potential for savings is great.

Stanley Energy, operating out of New England, can jumpstart those savings.

HVAC systems can be optimized simply through ensuring general maintenance is kept up, but there are many areas where waste occurs. Depending on the time of year, the hourly operation of your building and its heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, the age of your building, and a host of other factors can cause energy waste. By establishing a baseline of your systems’ usage and benchmarking it against other businesses in your field, we can offer an array of options that range from automation to retrofitting for energy efficiency, and all of these options save businesses money in annual expenditures.

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