Increase Hotel Energy Savings

These days, hotel energy savings come in many forms, from small measures like covering pools and hot tubs after hours to diminish heat loss, all the way to more expansive procedures such as retrofitting for energy efficiency. In New England, where a number of resorts and facilities are tourism friendly all year around, hotel room energy management, specifically, could potentially save owners and managers millions in annual expenditures.

Stanley Energy can facilitate those savings.

A 2007 survey found that approximately 60% of hotel guests were likely to use more water and electricity than they would at home because they “don’t have to pay for it.” In these cases, guest comfort is every manager’s utmost concern. But what happens when guests leave their rooms to ski or spend a day at the beach? Using thermostats designed with flexible, user-friendly technology, Stanley Energy gives hotels the tools to control setback and recovery times depending on factors such as the season or the expected time of a guest’s departure or arrival. These tools maximize energy savings, without minimizing the clientele.

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