Robust Hotel Energy Management Systems

Properly implemented hotel energy management systems can, very simply, save establishments hundreds of thousands of dollars by monitoring and reducing the consumption of electricity, natural gas, heating and air conditioning. And these days, with the cost of energy seeming to increase as quickly as the tourism industry expands, the need to cut energy waste is more important than ever. Your hotel needs an energy management company that knows how to reduce energy usage without negatively impacting guest comfort.

Stanley Energy is that company.

Heating, ventilation, and air condition settings fluctuate for a number of reasons. Cleaning services may raise or lower a room’s heat while they are cleaning, and then forget to reset it when they leave. Guests may leave the heat up high during winter, or put the air conditioning on blast during summer, while they are out of the room so conditions are ideal for them when they return. Sometimes, rooms can go unoccupied for days, with HVAC systems running the whole time.

We employ technology that can be controlled from a central computer system or function automatically on preprogrammed room profile settings. This innovative technology reduces energy usage while rooms are empty, but returns to preset levels within minutes after a guest returns to the room.

That’s Only a Fraction of What We Can Do.

Try our hotel energy management systems for yourself. Call 603.689.7083 today for a free consultation. Serving all of New England, including Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, Stanley Energy is the industry leading choice to save owners and managers money by drastically cutting energy usage.