Managing Your Green Energy Technologies

A number of green energy technologies are being employed by facilities in this day and age of environmental scrutiny. Since 2007, when California was the first state to enact a Commercial Building Energy Rating and Disclosure Policy, other cities and states have followed suit. Each year, the list of laws requiring facilities to benchmark their energy usages grows longer and longer. Partnering with a dedicated energy management ensures that your business meets all benchmarking requirements.

Stanley Energy is that partner.

Utilizing Internet-based technology, the team at Stanley Energy can help track and increase energy savings goals, while providing Energy Star Benchmarking reports to help property managers and buildings owners comply with current and future government regulations. And if, unlike Intel Corporation that uses green energy to power 100% of its electricity, your business is in need of services to increase facility sustainability, we can help there, too.

In short, we’re dedicated to the sustainability of your business, as well as the energy your business uses.

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