Energy Efficient Buildings Are The Future

Increasing focus on energy efficient buildings is being seen across all industries, from commercial businesses like restaurants and shopping malls to housing facilities such as dormitories and hotels. Part of the reason is because of increased global sustainability concerns, and another is because, as Energy Star reported, 30% of a typical building’s annual budget is dedicated to energy, which is the single largest operating cost.

Stanley Energy is dedicated to lowering that cost.

Every forward-thinking business should be concerned about energy waste and over-consumption. But as property owners and managers ourselves, we understand that your focus is right where it should be – on your own clients. We take the time to optimize your building so that you don’t have to. Our knowledge of, and experience with, the laws, regulations, and changes in the energy market ensures that your facility will perform more efficiently, saving you money on annual utility bills. Your building is unique, your business is unique, and as such, we have a unique plan for you.

Begin Increasing Performance And Saving Money. Today.

Energy efficient buildings perform better—and at far less cost—than those non-optimized facilities in similar industries. To learn more about how we can help you save, whether your building is in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, or Maine, call Stanley Energy at 603.689.7083 for a free consultation.