How An Energy Efficiency Evaluation Pays Off

A thorough energy efficiency evaluation is often used to meet sustainability requirements, but it can also be the first step in a process that reduces overall building usage and saves businesses money. By determining precisely how much energy a facility uses, versus the minimum requirements for operation, a plan can be established to eliminate as much energy waste as possible, and optimize existing systems.

Stanley Energy has that plan.

The US Department of Energy recommends yearly energy audits that consist of equipment upgrades, if necessary, HVAC optimization, and lighting maintenance, among other items. An energy audit by a qualified consultancy forms the basis of a strategy that reduces unintentional and unpredictable energy costs, increases savings and building performance, helps comply with government regulations for Energy Star carbon and emissions reporting, and—before long—pays for itself.

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An energy efficiency evaluation by Stanley Energy is an investment that returns with interest. Serving buildings in the deregulated states of Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Connecticut, as well as the regulated state of Vermont, we have a free consultation for you at 603.689.7083.