Why Partner with An Energy Broker?

An energy broker is a valuable asset for business owners and property managers in a deregulated market because the brokers are often able to procure electricity and natural gas at rates much lower than if the business were to go direct. The broker acts as an intermediary between many suppliers and the buyer, and works on behalf of the buyer to ensure the best value available.

Stanley Energy is a leader in New England energy brokering.

Procuring energy in a deregulated market offers its own challenges. With so many sources to choose from, how can a business know which option is best for their unique circumstance? We have knowledge of the market and its providers that ensures our clients receive the greatest value for their dollar. Further, our experience with energy contract negotiation means that our clients don’t have to worry about confusing legalese or loopholes. We negotiate the contract with the buyer’s interest—and long-term ROIs—in mind. We build relationships with our clients. Their success is our success.

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