Energy Analysis – The First Step To Saving Money

A thorough energy analysis is never a wasted expense, especially these days when more and more government regulations are being introduced that require building owners to track and report carbon emissions. Besides reducing the environmental impact, the impact to your building’s bottom line can be tremendous. But an energy analysis is just the first step. While it’s important to know just how—and where—your building uses energy, it’s equally important to create a plan that reduces needless usage and saves money in the long run.

From the initial analysis to establishing a long-term management plan to continually increase ROIs, Stanley Energy can do it all.

Our Energy Expert™ software is robust and innovative, developed to create a profile of your building’s usage that can easily identify energy waste and areas of improvement. The software is extremely user-friendly, and integrated into your existing computer systems so there’s no need for additional systems to be built. For even more flexibility, and greater identification of potential energy savings, our Energy Expert Plus or Monitoring Based Commissioning may be right for your building.

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Building energy analysis is the first—and perhaps most important—step to reducing usage and saving money, and Stanley Energy can make that first step easy. We serve commercial and industrial facilities, including hospitals, hotels, universities, government buildings, and data centers among others, in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. Call 603.689.7083 today for a free consultation.