Your Rhode Island Energy Analysis

An energy analysis for Rhode Island commercial and industrial buildings allows a critical look at a facility’s usage patterns and trends, giving insight into areas of waste. For commercial buildings, such as manufacturing plants or nursing homes, that operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, even a small reduction in energy waste can save tens of thousands in expenditures.

The US Department of Energy reports that electricity use in the state is growing faster than total energy use, and with demand on the rise, there is a greater chance for overuse. Stanley Energy’s analysis technology attacks that problem at the core by taking a “snapshot” of the building, and providing daily reports that show load profiles, potential peak demand days, overall energy use, and whether the facility is saving or wasting energy.

This innovative technology is accessed via web portal, and extremely user-friendly so building managers and property owners can easily track savings measures or simply monitor daily use to flag unusual changes in consumption. This technology alone frequently returns 20% in electricity reduction, and used in conjunction with other services, Stanley Energy can save certain facilities up to 35% on annual utility expenses.

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