An Energy Analysis for Buildings in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts buildings, an energy analysis can make a world of difference both in the operation of your facility and the reduction of your annual energy expenditures. During a three-year test period, after Governor Patrick announced the Green Communities Act, the US Department of Energy reported that those energy efficiency programs resulted in a net savings of $3.8 billion across the board.

The first step to savings is setting a benchmark. Stanley Energy establishes this benchmark by creating a “smart model” of the building, tracking just how much energy is being used, and measuring it against how much the facility needs to use in order to optimize its operation.

Utilizing intuitive web-based software, we consistently cut 20% of a facility’s energy use, and by combining this software with a number of other techniques, that number can rise to as much as 35%. Building owners and property managers can take control of future energy usage by implementing a unique plan that we’ll create tailored to the “smart model” of your building.

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