Our Energy Analysis Service Areas

A thorough energy analysis for your building in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine or Connecticut is like a taking a snapshot of energy usage. In this snapshot, owners and property managers can easily monitor such details as energy use, load profiles, and peak demand days. Coupled with our assessment of your building’s past utility bills and usage history, we’ll help target areas of energy waste, as well as identify and implement energy cost savings that have the potential to cut consumption by 20%.

No matter the industry in which your building operates, Stanley Energy has an analysis plan for you. Hospitals, hotels, manufacturing plants, government buildings, data centers, and a number of other facilities across New England can slash energy expenses and optimize building performance. Let us show you how.

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An energy analysis is often just the first step on a road to increasing yearly ROIs based upon a plan to deliberately manage energy resources. Call 603.689.7083 for services ranging from procurement and sourcing, retrofitting, monitoring and tracking and management, and we’ll create a unique plan for your building.