Can Energy Deregulation Help Your Rhode Island Building?

For Rhode Island buildings, energy deregulation provides an opportunity to save money on electricity and natural gas by allowing property owners and managers to choose their energy suppliers. No longer are commercial facilities tied to one specific company, and with so many new players in the game, the market is ripe for competition, lower prices, and expanded services.

Electricity is a $220 billion industry, and it is estimated that the United States wastes over half of the energy it produces. While the problem of energy waste can be addressed through other services we offer, our knowledge of the market and the relationships we’ve developed with providers all over New England means that we have access to prices and options that are otherwise difficult to find.

And since we work for you, not the provider, you can be assured the contract and terms will be negotiated to your greatest benefit. Are there minimum or maximum usage clauses in the contract, and if so, associated fees? What power sources does the provider use? Can pricing change in the event of a crisis period?

Stanley Energy knows the right questions to ask of energy providers, and how to find the answers you’re looking for.

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