The Value of Energy Advisors

As independent energy advisors, Stanley Energy helps facilities across New England, including Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine, manage all aspects of building energy. From sourcing to continual monitoring, and everything in between, we do what it takes to reduce overall usage and save you money.

We’ll help you procure, manage, and control…more.

The energy market is an organic, fluctuating thing affected by trends, regulations, even deregulations. An experienced advisor knows how to navigate the world of procurement, contract negotiation, and energy management, and how each industry—hospitality, education, or manufacturing, among others—has its own unique demands. A hotel, for example, would not implement the same energy savings strategy as a shopping mall. Hotels owners are typically concerned with reducing energy usage in unoccupied rooms without sacrificing guest comfort, while property managers at shopping malls might be more concerned with cutting after-hours usage.

Whatever your industry, whatever your facility, Stanley Energy can develop a plan that addresses your specific circumstances.

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