An Energy Management Process That Works

The energy management process, as outlined by Energy Star, includes seven steps that begin with making a commitment and end with recognizing achievements. In between, there are such vague concepts as assessing performance and creating an action plan, but what precisely does that mean? How can property owners and managers accurately assess current and past building performance?

Stanley Energy has the answer.

As independent consultants with years of experience in both supply and demand, our team focuses on your facility’s energy usage so that you can focus on your customers. Our process involves a thorough audit of the building’s patterns of consumption. By establishing a benchmark, and utilizing robust web-based software, we can then easily target areas of waste and expand upon Energy Star’s suggested action plan. Not only can such a process reduce utility costs by as much as 20%, it can also increase sustainability by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

With global environmental agencies spending billions to fund energy programs, and lawmakers prioritizing energy savings, there has never been a better time to partner with Stanley Energy.

Start Preparing For The Future…Today!

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