The First Step to Improving Energy Efficiency

Interested in improving energy efficiency in your New England building? The Energy Collective reports that “doubling energy productivity by 2030 would save American businesses $169 billion a year . . . and reduce CO2 emissions by one-third,” and these are just two of several other benefits. For business owners and property managers, however, reducing annual costs and increasing long-term sustainability may very well be their main concerns. But how can a business focus on energy efficiency without diverting attention from their own customers or clients?

Easy. Let Stanley Energy do it.

With a thorough analysis of your building and past utility bills, along with our implemented technology, Stanley’s team of experts can pinpoint exactly where energy waste occurs and what can be done to reduce it. Using software integrated into your existing computer systems, we’ll establish a baseline for data collection upon which recommendations for energy savings measures will be made. But the savings don’t stop there. We strive for continuous improvement, tracking implementation efforts and how they affect building consumption, as well as constantly analyzing the ever-changing energy market to ensure your savings not only persist, but grow over time.

Your Building Is One Of Your Business’s Greatest Assets. Together We Can Optimize It!

Improving energy efficiency doesn’t have to be complex and overly time-consuming. Helping buildings reduce the cost of energy in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, Stanley Energy can help you, too. Call 603.689.7083 today for a free consultation.