Sustainability and Green Energy Solutions

Green energy solutions can increase sustainability and save money in commercial facilities by offering alternatives to the traditional power structure of a building. Nearly 10% of the world’s energy consumption, for example, comes from tube fluorescent bulbs. A simple switch, using LEDs instead, could save 75%-80% of that energy. But this is just one aspect, a small fraction, of the savings in which a business can experience.

Stanley Energy can help with the rest.

From planned retrofitting for energy efficiency to upgrades of existing systems, we can help to dramatically reduce overall building consumption, up to 35% in some cases, using a variety of methods. Our knowledge of the market, as well as the laws and regulations that affect it, ensure property owners and facility managers will be aware of any tax incentives or credits available within their state. With energy costs rising over 30% annually, and states like Massachusetts and Connecticut on the forefront of passing energy benchmarking laws, there is no better time to partner with a team of experienced energy management consultants.

Increase Building Performance And Sustainability And Save Money In The Process.

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