Managing Hotel Energy Conservation

Hotel energy conservation is a buzz phrase in the tourism industry these days. Depending on the strength of the economy, hotels may see a spike in domestic tourism or an international influx, but this is one industry where an economic downturn typically does not have much of a negative effect.

As lodging is almost always in demand, hotel owners and property managers are on a near-constant lookout for ways to reduce energy usage, while maximizing guest comfort. Sustainability is a growing concern too, since more and more travelers choose hotels that utilize environment friendly practices. Going “green” has a much greater effect, though, than simply increasing a hotel’s sustainability. Often, it can drastically reduce annual energy expenditures.

For example, of the four certifiably “green” hotels in the United States, one uses 33% less electricity than similar “non-green” properties.

What does this mean for you?

Often, hotel managers and property owners are hesitant to engage in energy saving activities for fear of compromising guest comfort. This means the potential for energy savings is huge. The trick, then, is to reduce energy usage while ensuring the guests are completely satisfied with their rooms.

How can Stanley Energy help?

Using technology we supply and install, Stanley Energy makes it easy for management to control individual room temperatures, setpoints, and recovery times via software integrated into your centralized computer systems. Settings can be adjusted according to a scheduled check in or checkout, or whether a room is occupied or unoccupied. In fact, utilizing this technology, Stanley Energy can cut an unoccupied hotel room’s energy usage by 20% – 45%.

Serving buildings in Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Rhode Island, we are New England’s answer for hotel energy conservation.

If you are a hotel manager or property owner interested in reducing energy consumption and potentially saving thousands of dollars per room, call Stanley Energy today at (603) 689-7083 for a free consultation.