Save Money With Energy Efficient Dormitories

The rise of energy efficient dormitories has property managers around the country wondering how they too can reduce overall usage, increase sustainability, and save money. Taking advantage of energy deregulation, when possible, and mounting a thorough energy analysis are but two ways of experiencing savings.

Colleges in particular spend nearly $2 billion on energy every year, and many have begun implementing plans to earn Energy Star labels—federal recognition of energy efficiency—for their buildings.

Stanley Energy can help you earn yours.

Much of the energy waste on college campuses comes from mismanagement of dormitory resources, and the fear of sacrificing student comfort. It can be difficult, understandably, to manage usage around fluctuating class schedules and vacations. Being aware of waste areas is the first step. Simple activities such as replacing lighting systems with eco-friendly bulbs can drastically cut costs. But how can building owners or managers attack energy waste when rooms are unoccupied?

That’s where we come in. Using innovative technology developed specifically for the hospitality industry, you can easily balance operating margins and student comfort. These systems were created with long-term savings in mind, and when coupled with a strategy established specifically for your unique situation (and whether or not your college operates in a deregulated state), we strive to maximize ROIs and increase savings year after year.

The Future Of Energy Management Is Today. Call Us To Start Saving!

Energy efficient dormitories and classrooms not only save colleges money, but when approached properly, ensure comfort and ideal conditions for students to get the most out of their education. Call Stanley Energy today at 603.689.7083 for a free consultation.