Why Energy Efficient Colleges Make Sense (And Dollars)

The number of energy efficient colleges across the country is expanding at a rapid pace. The US Green Building Council estimates that universities focused on sustainability can save an average of $100,000 per year. With a qualified, experienced energy management company like ours, that number can go even higher. We take a broad approach to efficiency, attacking energy waste from a number of different angles, while utilizing flexible tracking and monitoring software to give building owners and property managers a complete view of overall usage.

Did You Know?

Certain California colleges that establish savings and efficiency plans are eligible to apply to the Energy Commission for loans to implement those plans. Qualifying programs typically see annual savings paying off a $1 million loan in four years. Similar programs can be seen in a number of states across the country

How Can Energy Deregulation Help?

Energy deregulation introduces more sourcing options, but it can be difficult—and time consuming—to choose the right supplier, at the right cost, and negotiate the right contract. That’s what we’re here for. Outsourcing procurement to a team like ours often results in significantly higher savings while mitigating downside risk. It also allows you to reduce internal administrative expenses and maintain focus on your core business. Your customers. Your clients.

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We can help increase the number of energy efficient colleges through the establishment and implementation of unique management strategies. From classroom energy management to dormitory energy management, our focus is on creating—and delivering—the most successful plan for your college property. Call 603.689.7083 today for a free consultation.