Energy Deregulation: Your New Best Friend

The process of energy deregulation has made life a lot easier for many building owners and property managers. With commercial electric rates on the rise—and having already risen 38% since the year 2000—the power to choose your energy provider is more necessary than ever.

In fact, Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, thinks energy deregulation is such an important advance that it will be “bigger than the Internet was.” Breaking the regulatory barrier means more competition among energy providers. More competition means lower energy prices.

What does this mean for you?

Deregulation means freedom. No longer are you tied to an electric company that provides for your state. Deregulation allows you to look across state lines, even, for energy providers, without being penalized. In essence, deregulation gives you the opportunity to shop around.

How can Stanley Energy help?

Stanley Energy works as your independent electricity consultant, representing your business, not the supplier. In partnership with our network of energy suppliers, our consultants will assist you through every stage of the procurement process. We will develop a customized strategy that will meet your business’ goals and maximize your savings potential.

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