Why Should You Reduce Energy Consumption?

Why reduce energy consumption in your New England building? Besides the obvious, to save money, a decrease in energy usage reduces carbon emissions and shrinks your business’s environmental footprint. This allows property owners and managers to benchmark their building’s output, comparing it with other buildings in similar industries, and in many states (with more on the way), building energy disclosure ordinances are even becoming law. And on the production level, using less energy can mean streamlined operations and higher employee moral. How?

Stanley Energy can show you the way.

Serving buildings in the New England area, our consultants are experts in every aspect of energy conservation, from sourcing and procurement to auditing, tracking and monitoring. Our experience helps businesses in a wide range of industries too, from hospitality and hotel energy management to college dormitories and manufacturing plants. We utilize innovative technology to target waste and identify additional savings measures through the creation of energy profiles, and our extensive knowledge of the energy market—both regulated and deregulated—ensures your building continual savings in an ever-changing industry.

Use Less. Save More. Call Us Today!

Drastically reduce energy consumption and see your utility bills drop in return. Stanley Energy can help make it happen. Serving buildings in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont, our proven methods are intended to increase ROIs while decreasing energy waste. Call 603.689.7083 today for a free consultation.