Pay Less for Energy

The first step in saving money on your gas and electricity bills is to pay less for energy. By taking advantage of energy deregulation and energy procurement, building owners and businesses can:

  • Decrease their monthly utility costs between 5% and 20%
  • Increase cash flow
  • Show an immediate impact on profit

All this can be done without capital investment or disruption to operations.

Energy Deregulation

Energy deregulation is possible when a government agency reduces its role and allows an industry greater freedom in how it operates. The goal is that simpler and fewer regulations lead to a raised level of competitiveness leading to higher productivity, more efficiency and lower consumer prices. Energy deregulation allows suppliers to share transmission lines, giving consumers the option of selecting the provider that best meets their needs.

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Energy Procurement

The deregulation of gas and electrical utilities offers the opportunity for substantial energy savings, but is difficult and time consuming to navigate. Energy Services Network will get you to pay less for energy by negotiating the following:

  • Fixed term or monthly indexed agreements
  • Fixed or indexed pricing options
  • Direct purchase from public and/or “green” suppliers
  • Environmental impact options

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