Manufacturing Energy Efficiency

In manufacturing, energy efficiency is one area of management that can result in the greatest savings in annual utility expenditures. Science Daily reported that new manufacturing systems consume anywhere from 1,000 to one million times the energy of other traditional industries. This creates a huge potential for plants to adopt reduction strategies to not only save money, but to also lighten their carbon footprints in efforts to ensure a more sustainable future.

Stanley Energy can unlock that potential.

One way to save is to avoid costly equipment replacement, and the importance of this increases as budgets become and constrained in tight economies. After a thorough analysis of your manufacturing plant, planning where and how energy can be reduced, we’ll install submeters on key pieces of equipment to identify potential failures before the equipment goes down. Regular equipment maintenance minimizes the possibility of costly unexpected downtime and related expenses. When used in conjunction with an online building audit, our Energy Expert(tm) analytics software, and other technologies, we can easily streamline the process of optimizing your plant’s usage.

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