An Efficient Hospitality Energy Monitoring System

An energy management system for the hospitality industry, allows property managers to monitor individual guest rooms and track actual energy usage. But this can be a time consuming process, as well as a headache for owners and managers to fit into their busy schedules.

Stanley Energy will take the headaches away.

Since no two guests use the same energy in the same way, submetering systems increase tenant satisfaction by making them accountable for only the energy they use, rather than their costs being aggregated into an average. Building managers also benefit by reducing all guest energy costs. Not only can we install a metering system for your building, but we can also integrate the system into a centralized computer to work in tandem with flexible, robust software that automates monitoring, tracking, and reporting.

Increase Guest Satisfaction While Decreasing Energy Costs. Call Us Today!

A Stanley-installed energy management system benefits tenants as well as owners and property managers in New England buildings. Serving Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire, we have a free consultation waiting for you at 603.689.7083.