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Energy Deregulation RoadmapEnergy Deregulation Roadmap ebook coverIf your business is located in a deregulated state, the chances are that you could slash your electricity and/or gas bill by between 5% and 20%. Understanding how energy deregulation works allows building owners to choose their energy supplier under the most advantageous contract terms.

Energy Deregulation Roadmap

This simple ebook provides the insider information and details you need to take advantage of energy deregulation for your business. After reading it you will understand:

  • How energy deregulation in the U.S. came about and what its rationale is.
  • What it is and how it works.
  • Three advantages you can gain.
  • Which of the eight product types is right for you.
  • The differences between various contract terms.
  • Which states are deregulated

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