Energy Cost Savings

Establishing an energy cost savings plan should be a focus for any forward-thinking business owner or property manager. The Energy Information Administration reports that office buildings, for example, spend approximately $16 million annually on energy, on average, 30 cents more per square foot than other commercial buildings. That leaves a lot of room for improvement.

Stanley Energy can help improve building performance, and reduce energy usage by an average of 25%.

Our focus is full circle, thanks to our experience working from both the supply side and the demand side. On the supply side, we network with electricity and natural gas providers in deregulated states to procure energy at the cheapest rates. On the demand side, we work for property managers, investment groups, and building owners, among others, to analyze building energy, monitor, benchmark, and track usage, and implement innovative software to identify potential savings.

Focus On Your Business. We’ll Focus On Your Energy.

To experience dramatic energy cost savings, call Stanley Energy today at 603.689.7083 for a free consultation. Serving buildings in the deregulated states of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, and even though Vermont is a regulated state, we can help there, too.