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Take control over your energy usage with these sure-fire strategies.

Energy Analysis HandbookEnergy Analysis Handbook ebook coverHave you ever stared at your utility bill and wonder where all that energy was going? If so, you’ll know it’s difficult to get any meaningful insight. There’s an understanding gap between your bottom line cost and where the energy is going. Many building owners and managers have found money saving opportunities by following a solid energy analysis strategy.

But where do you get started? What are the important aspects of energy analysis?

Energy Analysis Handbook

Our free ebook provides the background you need to decipher your energy bills. It also contains a framework you can use to identify the best opportunities to save energy. Additionally, you’ll be able to compare your energy profile to other typical scenarios. After reading our handbook you will:

  • Better understand your utility bill
  • Know how to calculate your Energy Use Index
  • Compare your energy cost profile to industry standards
  • Find a list of common energy conservation measures
  • Learn how to conduct a building energy audit
  • Calculate the benefits & ROI of energy improvements

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