Solutions for Corporate Energy Management

A complete corporate energy management strategy not only attacks existing energy waste, but it also provides consistent ROIs as changes occur within the energy market, and new laws and regulations are established. The deregulation of energy, for example, offers an opportunity for immediate savings from supply agreements, which could then be applied to other energy efficiency projects, such as retrofitting.

Stanley Energy can help you take advantage of the changing energy market.

In 2010, Forbes wrote about an environmental mandate that caused a more than 25% energy reduction in some timber plants, which in turn significantly reduced waste disposal costs when those turned the waste into an energy source. But there are more ways than one to tackle energy waste. Using highly intuitive computer technology—software that is integrated into your company’s existing systems—we can easily track, monitor, and benchmark your building’s energy usage. The algorithms behind the technology, developed in cooperation with the US Department of Energy, accurately track energy use, cost savings, load profiles, and potential peak demand days. By closely monitoring this information, we can create a custom plan to dramatically cut your facility’s energy usage, saving money in the process.

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