Drive the Cost of Business Energy Down

Business energy costs have been on a steady rise for some time, in recent cases increasing as much as 34% in one year. Independent energy advisors like Stanley Energy can utilize a number of tactics to drive the cost of electricity and natural gas down, striving to increase ROIs even further year after year.

How do we do it?

Our team has a thorough knowledge of the energy market from both the supply and demand side. Besides managing usage from within, we’ll look outside your building to consider procuring from a different source if your business operates in a deregulated state.

What is deregulation?

The process of energy deregulation began with one state, California, in an attempt to introduce competition into the market to drive prices down and present the consumer with greater options. No longer are businesses tied to purchasing energy from a specific, state-declared provider.

Say, for example, you manage a 400,000 square foot data center that pays $4 per square foot in energy. Cutting 10% of electricity costs by choosing a deregulated source translates into $160,000 in additional net operating income (NOI). If your business’s capitalization rate is 8%, that newfound NOI translates to $2 million in increased asset value.

It all began by simply choosing a different provider, whose electricity cost 10% less than what you were paying before. But most companies don’t have dedicated energy managers on staff, nor do they have the time or experience to find and negotiate with the right supplier for their particular situation.

We Have The Time And The Experience. Partner With Stanley Energy And Save.

Your business energy costs are one phone call away from being driven into the ground. Call us today at 603.689.7083 for a free consultation, and learn what else we can do to reduce energy usage and increase efficiency.